What are some of the things that have been developed due to Narendra Modi ji’s governance?

Answer by Sanjeev Zopfan Bathinda:

Think of a big palace like hotel having tens of rooms. Whosoever visited this hotel thought of his own stay only. After all what was the benefit of cleaning it, fixing it's bathrooms when no body before you ever bothered (some of them even tried to steal the hotel's towels/wares into their suit cases).

All the dust was simply pushed under carpets. Dirty linen was stuffed into cupboards. Only that much work was done which was most urgent and unavoidable. This way, the residents of the hotel were producing more trash than was being disposed (in other words filth was increasing by day).

Then came a new manager. He had experience of running a smaller hotel very successfully in the neighborhood. He started ordering the staff to behave. But all his colleagues didn't agree with him. Some were of the view why not enjoy their stay (as others had done before them, as was the tradition,  not for years, but for decades).

But the new manager was adamant. Though he wanted to pull all the garbage from from the hidden corners of the rooms at once, but it might look to the visitors as if the hotel had become dirtier. So he had to clean the same cautiously, slowly. So as not to disturb the guests. So first he started concentrating on only that much filth which was being produced afresh, daily (so at least no garbage should increase at least).

But then his detractors started criticizing him, "What cleansing he has done, since he arrived?! We don't find anything better.". Even though some wise people had clearly noted the change in the working of the system and the staff.

Now, this is the scene with our country and Modi. Should he work slowly or bring sweeping changes at once. Oh God, I'm sure he will find a way and strike a balance (with the poor and easily provokable illiterate populace of our country).

What are some of the things that have been developed due to Narendra Modi ji's governance?


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