Is Narendra Modi behind the ban of Nestle Maggi Noodles to support/promote Baba Ramdev’s Maggi and to get him on his party’s side?

My answer to Is Narendra Modi behind the ban of Nestle Maggi Noodles to support/promote Baba Ramdev's Maggi and to …

Answer by Bathinda Helper (Bobby Zopfan):

Very True!

But I think there is some very big conspiracy behind his becoming PM as well. And the conspirators are some of the best media houses in, not only India, but in the whole world.

The Pakistani media is also helping him. And some of the best news editors, writers and majority of the Indian voting population have very big conspiracy to raise Modi to what he has (risen to). At the same time, all social media forces have joined hands to back him and no body is ready to listen anything against him. And even the highest judiciary in India seem to have taken some big bribe to acquit him of any or all crimes he had committed in broad day light.

There is definitely some hidden agenda.

But wait. There is one big question though. Why no other politician in recent history has been able to gain so many conspirators backing him (even hundreds of times financially richer than Modi!!). Mr Modi must really be a very big brain and hard working person to gain so much power behind him. And I too have fallen prey to all these conspirators and have become one of his Bhakts!!

Is Narendra Modi behind the ban of Nestle Maggi Noodles to support/promote Baba Ramdev's Maggi and to get him on his party's side?

How do rational and civilised people of India support a communal party like BJP whose senior Leader LK Advani led to demolish Babri Masji…

How do rational and civilised people of India support a communal party like BJP whose senior … by Bala Senthil Kumar

Answer by Bala Senthil Kumar:

If there is one incident in independent India that I am genuinely ashamed of, it is the destruction of the Babri Masjid.  I absolutely detest the elements in any party that were party to that.

But if I were to measure positive impact on India by all parties, I'd say the Congress party is the most destructive, most divisive, and most backward thinking.

The BJP gets my vote for despite their rather communal elements, they put up the one leader as their Prime Ministerial candidate who is neither apologetic about his roots like many stupid Hindus seem to get, nor is afraid to espouse his conviction about development.

The BJP is honest to the fact that India is a religious country with a lot of tolerance, and is now on a path of using everything good in its core religion for the betterment of the nation.  All of this, and the fact that they aren't shy about bringing about real change gets my support.

Even if I hadn't paid any attention to any of this, the other two candidates, the dummy and the topiwala, would have scared me into blindly voting for Modi.

How do rational and civilised people of India support a communal party like BJP whose senior Leader LK Advani led to demolish Babri Masji…

What are the most amazing “Xiaomi Redmi Note” tips, tricks, hacks, and features that most people do not know about?

Question on @Quora: What are the most amazing "Xiaomi Redmi Note" tips, tricks, hacks, and features that most peopl…

What are the most amazing "Xiaomi Redmi Note" tips, tricks, hacks, and features that most people do not know about?

Who is the worst character of mahabharat?

Answer by Urmi Goswami:

No character is worst in Mahabharata. Remember the law, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction", same was the case in Mahabharata. All characters were grey and all characters were neither too good nor  too bad. Some or the other character had a tragic back story or was humiliated or was cursed and many other things. The most important thing is that the epic does not tell about the worst or the best character, it teaches us about mankind, about an era, about Dharma, Adharma, satya, asatya, kalesh(to cause agitation) and many more.
I read a few answers before writing mine, some say Shakuni ,Duryodhana, Ashwattama,etc. are worst. I agree they were evil but their deeds and destination are the ones which make us realise the difference in good and bad. In the Mahabharata era, the principles of religion had declined to one-half so it's obvious that there existed evil. A yuga learns from the preceding one. So,today we are in the kaliyuga but we learned from Dwapara yuga and the preceding yugas.
So, no worst or best characters but a character worth learning and understanding!!

Who is the worst character of mahabharat?

What are some of the things that have been developed due to Narendra Modi ji’s governance?

Answer by Sanjeev Zopfan Bathinda:

Think of a big palace like hotel having tens of rooms. Whosoever visited this hotel thought of his own stay only. After all what was the benefit of cleaning it, fixing it's bathrooms when no body before you ever bothered (some of them even tried to steal the hotel's towels/wares into their suit cases).

All the dust was simply pushed under carpets. Dirty linen was stuffed into cupboards. Only that much work was done which was most urgent and unavoidable. This way, the residents of the hotel were producing more trash than was being disposed (in other words filth was increasing by day).

Then came a new manager. He had experience of running a smaller hotel very successfully in the neighborhood. He started ordering the staff to behave. But all his colleagues didn't agree with him. Some were of the view why not enjoy their stay (as others had done before them, as was the tradition,  not for years, but for decades).

But the new manager was adamant. Though he wanted to pull all the garbage from from the hidden corners of the rooms at once, but it might look to the visitors as if the hotel had become dirtier. So he had to clean the same cautiously, slowly. So as not to disturb the guests. So first he started concentrating on only that much filth which was being produced afresh, daily (so at least no garbage should increase at least).

But then his detractors started criticizing him, "What cleansing he has done, since he arrived?! We don't find anything better.". Even though some wise people had clearly noted the change in the working of the system and the staff.

Now, this is the scene with our country and Modi. Should he work slowly or bring sweeping changes at once. Oh God, I'm sure he will find a way and strike a balance (with the poor and easily provokable illiterate populace of our country).

What are some of the things that have been developed due to Narendra Modi ji's governance?

What do the most upvoted answers on Quora have in common and what can be learned from them?

Answer by Will Wister:

I looked at about 100 answers — the top answers listed at What answers on Quora have the most upvotes? I went through this quickly, and I'm not sure if I properly categorized everything, but I just wanted to get a rough idea of what was voted up. The answers below all have more than 3000 upvotes.

One major overarching theme was the popularity of original stories from people's lives. I would put 29 answers in that category.

A second major theme was the popularity of answers that spotlighted original ideas. In total, there were 25 answers that shared original photographs, an original screenplay idea, life advice (all people give different life advice, based on their own experiences, so I view this as unique to them), and original, creative analogies that were requested by a question or were helpful in answering it.

A third theme was that Quora rewards excellent explanations that say something very well or strike a chord. I would put 19 answers in that category.

The fourth theme was that Quora can be used to spotlight content from outside of Quora. I would put 19 answers in that category. I include 4 answers from the "best of x" category there because it's sharing something generally recognized outside of Quora.

A fifth but lesser theme is that sometimes Quora appreciates short, funny or sarcastic responses to a question that still make an effort to answer the question in some way. 6 answers fit this description.

So the big takeaways are that Quora really values your unique stories, your unique ideas, your ability to explain things well — or in a way that resonates, and your desire to share things on the site. So if you come across a question that allows you to share one of those things, you may be producing something that others may value.

It's also worth noting that sometimes people's lives may give them unique perspectives on a particular question that may allow them to answer better than the vast majority of other people out there.

Entertaining/funny/moving/interesting original, personal story:

Entertaining/funny/moving original story that speaks to a larger trend:

Original stories where people did a good deed:

Original Stories where people went through something difficult and persevered:

Original brief, funny anecdotes:

Entertaining/funny/moving/original analogy that helps shed light on a larger problem/issue/concept:

Entertaining/funny/moving/original hyothetical scenario:

Original idea in response to a question:

Original screenplay idea:

Original photographs:

Life advice/life lessons:

Answers that said something well or explained something well

Answers that struck a chord, explaining something:

Answer that spotlighted something that should be seen from outside of Quora:

Best of X type questions:

A few of them are funny or sarcastic responses that still answer a question:

What do the most upvoted answers on Quora have in common and what can be learned from them?

I have read that ISIS uses drugs on victims and loyal soldiers, any ideas what they are?

Answer by Sanjeev Kumar:

I do agree. Why, otherwise, their victims don't seem to be a bit afraid of being ruthlessly butchered.

I've seen a video in which two potential victims were loosely chained together. And an IS member came to them with a running battery operated saw. But neither of the victim tried to move even an inch away. It's an inevitable human emotion to keep away from physical harm. Even if the victim knew for sure that this is just fake and he won't be cut by the saw (or he was willing to be cut because of some sins he thought he made), even then he can't stop moving away from the saw (try moving your hand fast across the eyes of your friend and tell him you would just move your hand and no harm will be done to him, even then he can't stop moving a bit away and closing his eyes out of fear). Yet, even the one whose neck started to be cut by the running saw didn't try to move away a bit, let alone the other person.

Same way, I happen to see another video of a recent happening in which a victim was shown in a cage drenched with some highly inflammable liquid. And then he was put to fire. Now the poor soul couldn't run anywhere, couldn't do anything but cry or bang himself with the cage walls. (as one quoran said that some victims are brainwashed that they deserve to die like this because of the sins they made, even then one can't burn without struggling or crying). But I clearly saw he was burnt to ashes without much/any cries or banging.

And, in another video that I saw, they made tens of victims sit (wasn't clear if they're loosely chained or not. But more chances are that they were totally free). And one IS person started from behind the first person and shot himself from behind into his
neck (or head), and then next and then next. Now when one person was shot, all the rest immediately knew what was coming behind them in the next few seconds. And even if instinctively, all of them had stood up and have started fighting with the IS soldiers standing behind them, at least some of them could have run away alive. Or, even trying to escape the bullets was as inevitable on their part as human death is. Yet no one even moved an inch and kept sitting at his place as if they were watching some support in front of them.

I cannot believe all this is possible without the victims being under some heavy drug influence.

And I  think there is this logic also. Since IS soldiers are also humans and have hearts. Yet, they want to be shown ruthless. So they started using some sort of drug for their soldiers (and victims), so that they don't feel any pain or emotions while blowing himself /dying. And same goes for their prisoners. Under the influence of drugs, their prisoners won't bother them much and get the brutal death as easily as if they didn't feel anything. Nor would they demand too much food or else.

And still their purpose of making anybody shiver, who is thinking of going against their (IS) wishes, is served. What do you think. Do let me know.

I have read that ISIS uses drugs on victims and loyal soldiers, any ideas what they are?

My @Quora comment on an answer to Aren’t all the videos issued by ISIS clearly show that the victims to be executed are under some type o…

My @Quora comment on an answer to Aren't all the videos issued by ISIS clearly show that the victims to be executed are under some type of strong drug influence? :

My @Quora comment on an answer to Aren’t all the videos issued by ISIS clearly show that the victims to be executed are under some type o…

What would PM Modi be doing with his 1.6 lpm salary?

Answer by Amritansh Chaturvedi:

NaMo's basic requirements are taken care of by the Central Government. Hence he spends his salary only on his personal day-to-day requirements and saves the rest.

He had donated 21 lakhs from his personal savings (money he had saved from his Chief Minister's salary in 10 years) for educating Gujarat government staffs' kids, mainly daughters of drivers and peons working for the Gujarat Government).

He might do something similar in future with the money he saves from his income as the Prime Minister.

What would PM Modi be doing with his 1.6 lpm salary?

Why does Mr. Modi talk so much?

Answer by Karan Singh:

Because people like to listen to him.

See this.

Modi in America

In Dubai


Has any politican in the history of Indian politics received so much love?

Just look at the crowd . Is he a celebrity? Is he a rockstar?

Ohh wait…. he is a rockstar 🙂

Why does Mr. Modi talk so much?

How can one make $4,000/month sitting at home in 6 weeks of time?

Answer by Denis Grammakov:

Making that amount of money on the Internet is quite realistic. Think about it:

  • To make $4000 per month you have to earn $133 per day
  • If you are OK with working 7 hours per day, you need to earn $19 an hour
  • Earning $19 an hour should be easy, right?

Let's see how we can do it.

When making money online, the most important thing is to have a solid foundation, a complete understanding of what you are doing. Personal branding is everything. This is not like flipping burgers or any other no-brainer job. To build your online brand you will probably need to refer to some other Quora topic, or you might want to go through several online courses.

Now let's go back to our cash problems.

For you to earn money you need people to pay you for something (duh). So let's move on to activities that may bring you money.

The boring stuff

Freelancing – this is a great way to earn money online, you will need to draw stuff, code stuff, take pictures of stuff and write some more stuff. It is very boring and for some of these activities you will actually need to know what you're doing. That's where these 6 weeks of preparation will be useful.

Being a Personal Assistant – also boring, but some people love doing that. My friend does that and she makes some good money off of it (> $4000). So why not.

Selling stock photography – If you are an expert photographer (or your wife and kids are) you can try to get to your target sum by uploading some of your best pictures online and selling them. You need to be really good and you need to have a lot of pictures taken though. Unrealistic for most.

Remote Teaching – teach people English, Chinese or yoga. My wife's English teacher charges around $17 an hour and he works every day for 12 hours or so. You do the math. (He uses Italkie as a platform).

Now let's talk about some stuff that is not so boring.

I will not go into stocks and Forex, as I am not an expert, and you actually may lose all of your money there. So don't do it if you are not an expert.

(The) not boring stuff

Sadly, doing not boring stuff is much more difficult but it may (or may not) give you (much) better results. Let's go.

Build a personal brand and sell your expertise by doing online coaching – this reminds me of the previous point which is Remote Teaching, but it brings in an entrepreneurial twist. some Quora users who posted their answers before me gave out some awesome links to online courses you might want to go through in order to teach yourself on how to build a personal brand around you and start using it to make some money. Coaching can be done privately through skype, or not so privately through webinars. That is how I learned to program. I attended free webinars and then paid the guy to coach me in a private manner. It did cost me money, but it all paid off quite fast. 

Create a site (or hire somebody to do that) and turn it into a money making machine by gaining traffic and monetizing on AdSense or referral programs. I am not talking about launching a startup. Of course, that is a non-trivial task. Millions of people are struggling everyday trying to come up with ideas and methods make their sites do good. You can try and get some ideas from listening to some awesome marketing podcasts, reading some (hint) SEO related forums or subscribing to some marketing newsletters (mine, for instance). Best part of this variant is that if you make it a reality it will start bringing you passive income faster than all of my other points mentioned, which, of course, is really nice.

Launch a Kickstarter project. If you have had an idea of an innovative physical product now may be a good time to give it a go and . 6 weeks should be enough to come up with a prototype and film a good marketing video that sells. Find articles of people telling about their successful (and no so much) crowdsourcing campaigns. Here's a good one, for example: How we took our Hackaball side-project all the way to Kickstarter.

A physical goods subscription service – if you are able to produce something at home or at work, you might as well sell it to your neighbourhood. Here are a few examples: my neighbour makes killer cupcakes. She sells them through Instagram and through a subscription. She uses Instagram to do 100% of her marketing. She drives a new BMW X3 and recently hired 2 employees. Another example: a girl that goes to the same gym I do makes Fresh Detox Juices at home. She bottles them herself and first thing in the morning she drives to several gyms to deliver her fresh product. By the time I come to the gym the fridge is almost empty. One bottle costs ~$12. I don't know which car she drives but her Chanel bag looks really nice 🙂

So I guess what I am trying to tell you is that making $4000/mo is possible. But it requires effort. I wish you all the luck. Now go hustle.

How can one make $4,000/month sitting at home in 6 weeks of time?

Who gifted Narendra Modi that iPhone 6 which he uses?

Answer by Nikhil Nadig:

When Mr. Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat he would draw an annual salary of 7,02,260. He was the chief minister for 12 years, 7 months, and 15 days.

The Prime Minister of India will be drawing a monthly salary of Rs. 1.6 lakh. His basic salary will be Rs 50,000, with a sumptuary allowance ofRs. 3,000, a monthly allowance of Rs. 62,000, and an MP allowance of Rs. 45,000.

That is an annual salary of 19.2 Lakh.

I think this is enough information for you to believe that he bought his own bloody phone!

Who gifted Narendra Modi that iPhone 6 which he uses?

What happened to people who identified Bhagat Singh in court?

Answer on @Quora by Malwinder Jit Singh Waraich to What happened to people who identified Bhagat Singh in court?

Answer by Malwinder Jit Singh Waraich:

We have to make a distinction b/w the witnesses who appeared or identified the revolutoinaries during their trials.

Among them were quite a number who are technically called, formal witnesses. The librarian of Dwarka Das Library, Raja Ram Shastri a lifelong admiror of Bhagat Singh also appeared as a prosecution witness (PW: 427) Reference *[1] to verify a book issued to Sukhdev.
Similarly there were number of witnesses of recovery which included the family members of the revolutionaries.

Those witnesses who had been comrades of the revolutionaries and turned approvers played a key part in their prosecution because a number of secrets were revealed only by them, in the court. However, among them also there were those like Hans Raj Vohra who confined themselves mostly to the facts already known to the police.
The worst were insiders like Jai Gopal and Phaninder Ghosh who invented false stories at the behest of the police. It was only these two who were targeted by the revolutionaries. Jai Gopal escaped the assault on him in a court in Jalgaon, and Phaninder Ghosh was put to death by Baikunth Shukla. Reference *[1]

As far Sobha Singh, he's a class by himself because he was the only witness in the Delhi Assembly Bomb Case, who claimed that he had actually seen Bhagat Singh and BK Dutt hurling the bomb. Significantly during his cross examination his version was found to be doubtful and the session judge in his judgement has hinted to that affect. Refrence *[2]

[1] The Hanging of Bhagat Singh Vol 2A: Select Tribunal Proceedings with Sukhdev's Remarks. Publication: Unistar Books, 2010

[2] The Hanging of Bhagat Singh Vol 1: Complete Judgements and Other Documents. Publication: Unistar Books 2005

What happened to people who identified Bhagat Singh in court?